What You Should Do To Clean Your Wicker Chair

wicker chairs indoor

Maintaining the quality and appearance of your furniture is really important. However, it is important to note that cleaning furniture requires different steps for different materials. As for today, we will help you cleaning your wicker chair. Due to its material, cleaning wicker chair set will require the more thorough cleaning.

You can start by maintaining even humidity in your home if you use the furniture indoors. Too low humidity can cause the wicker drying out so it will become brittle. On the other hand, too high humidity can damage the wicker due to mold and mildew. Use a dehumidifier if the wicker furniture is subjected to high humidity environment. Alternatively, move the furniture to an area with better air circulation. For regular cleaning, clean the wicker chair from surface dust by vacuum the furniture using the soft bristle brush attachment. You can also use this cleaning method to clean animal hair out of the crevices. Alternatively, you can utilize a tweezers to pull out the dirt or fuzz.

If you spill liquid to your wicker furniture, simply use a clean cloth that is dampened with a light detergent in water. Make sure you rinse it well and dry the furniture completely before you even use it again, since water can lift the finish. For you who notice mildew or mold growing on your wicker chair, use a solution of bleach in water and clean it immediately. Just don’t forget to vacuum the furniture first before using a soft-bristle brush to clean mold and dirt. Only then you can use bleach solution. Again and again, rinse the solution well and let dry completely.

What you need to be really careful about using the wicker chair is the weather. Maintain the look and quality by not subjecting the wicker furniture, especially the antique one, to the harsh weather elements of rain, sun, wind, or snow. Excess exposure will cause the fibers to deteriorate. Thus, using wicker furniture on an unprotected deck or patio is a bug no.

Those are some important things to do to maintain your wicker furniture, especially the antique one. Taking care of the antique piece, especially if your family heirloom, is really important to do. After all, once it is gone, it is gone forever! And last but not least, make your wicker chair more attractive by throwing padded cushions. With many colors and patterns available, the wicker chair cushion surely can make the wicker seat more comfortable at the same time.

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