Ultimate Guide To Recliner Chair Shopping Tips

reclining office chair

There is nothing like going home and spoil yourself in a comfortable recliner chair after a long and hard day. However, finding one that fits your body, as well as your budget, can be quite a stressful thing to do. Thankfully, we have some important tips to help you finding the right and quality lounger, especially the durable one. Whether you want to recliner chair bed instead, follow these tips to avoid buying item that will break down under pressure prematurely!

You can start by knowing various recliner chair types first. Just like Goldilocks says: “Which chair is just right?” The traditional rocker recliners now have the trendier models that are perfect for small space without sacrificing the style, but they are not famous for their durability. There are new wall-saver recliners too. Alternatively, you may want to go for the specialty chairs, like electric or massage recliners. The former is designed for people with mobility issues and the latter can be really pricey.

Never forget to sit on it. Well, we personally find buying recliner chair is like buying new shoes—looks are indeed important, but comfort is the ultimate key. As you’re shopping, make sure the family member who will spend most time in the chair comes with you so she/he can sit in it. This way, she/he can decide whether the chair is comfortable enough to sit in or not. Inspect, like, everything. Starting from the seat and back, cushioning, and check the density rating of the foam to ensure the chair is not only comfortable enough, but also durable.

When it comes to durability, leather upholstery is the ultimate choice to go, but it can be really expensive. In fact, leather recliner chair is the most expensive choice you can pick. For leather upholstered chair, choose one with thick and top-grain leather. Alternatively, opt for the synthetic microfiber if you prefer to go for the suede-feel like due to its ability to resist wrinkling and moisture—and it costs less than leather. Vinyl is indeed cheaper, but you must be careful since it can crack and is less pliable. Top choice for fabric is wool.

Last but not least, focus on recliner chair frame. The nonmoving recliner chair parts are usually the ones that break on a recliner. Even if you cannot scope the underside of the recliner, ask to view videos or photos. You’ll want to see the heavy-duty screws instead of dinky or even plastic fasteners. Hardwood frame is superior, as well as the most expensive. And the second best is plywood.

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