Timelessly Stunning Windsor Chair Mixing Traditional And Modern Appeal

windsor chairs

The Windsor chair is really popular in traditional interior design style. Even so, it does not mean it is the only design style you can exploit to make the chair truly fascinating as well as functional. Today, we will take you to see some Windsor chair styles that are enhanced by incorporating the more modern twist for more attractive appeal, in addition to the more wonderful interior style. And you can still throw Windsor chair cushions for more interesting look and comfort!

It is common for Windsor chair to be made from wooden material. This way, the chair can add more appeal in a room with its natural wooden texture and grain to expose. You can also find the chairs are often painted too, yet it somehow doesn’t eliminate the traditional and vintage feel. And for the more modern and contemporary Windsor chairs, you can still find the vintage characteristics which are made more amazing by integrating the modern approach.

The Coventry Chair is one Windsor chair that looks truly awesome with its clean details. It has the semicircular back that is supported by upright rods too. Designed by Christ Eckersley, this chair successfully blends the clean and simple contemporary approach to its timeless vintage design. See how the chair looks great in green too! For similar chair design, only with taller backrest, is the Riviera Tall Windsor Side Chair that is designed by Paola Navone. The upright rods are much slimmer, which accentuate the more modern appeal in such a stylish way.

The Spoke Dining Chair is a great innovation for the traditional Windsor chair, especially with its elongated back. The backrest is slightly curvaceous with clean and straight rod to provide total support to your back. The similar look is presented by the J110 Windsor Chair designed by Paul M. Volther. Its wooden exterior accentuates the charming Scandinavian design appeal, which is available in natural beech wood, as well as black, grey, red, and white finishes making it easier in meeting your personal taste.

Who does not know the classic beech wood Windsor chair? Christopher Howe brilliantly designs Painted Windsor Chairs that are not only a painted version for the traditional chairs. They indeed still have the vintage details and appeal, but it is enhanced instantly in a high gloss for instantly more modern and contemporary charm. Alternatively, what about adorning the details in Yellow Chair designed by Marino Gamper? Not only beautiful, the chair is a reclaimed Windsor that is updated with wood stains.

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