Multifunction Commode Chair For The People With Limited Mobility

shower commode chair

Are you familiar with commode chair? Or have you ever heard about toilet chair? Well, it is actually kind of unique chair. The uniqueness of the chair refers to the shape of the chair itself. This kind of chair is the chair which has built-in toilet. Is it the first time for you hear about the chair with toilet? Well, we are going to talk more about the chair and you will know the look of the chair in detail.

Commode chair is actually designed for the people in limited mobility. It can be used around home. The chair comes in various styles. Where can we find this kind of chair? It can be easily found in the online retail company by simply clicking the keyword. You can choose the chair which can be folded or wheeled. Those kinds of chair can be easily used. You can even bring the chair wherever you go. Some of the manufacturers also provide commode accessories to clean and also empty the commodes easily. So your chair will be hygienic. These also include gels which can absorb all the liquid. The commode liner can also make the urine disposal becoming simple and quick.

Commode chair can be antique, wooden, wheels, or folded design. Now we are going to talk about the commode chair antique. The antique one is usually made of wood. The appearance of the chair can be like wooden armchair. It looks comfortable to sit on. The chair comes with chamber pot made of porcelain. It also comes with lid. The chamber pot in the antique chair is usually in white color and blue trim.

How about the other details of the commode chair in antique design? The handle of the antique chair usually has rust but just little bit. How about the size of the chair? The measure of the chair to be approximately is 17 inches. It has 16.5 inches for the length, and also 16.5 inches for the wide. Those are the average sizes of the chair. Usually, the chamber pot size is 8.5 inches for the height and 10 inches for the diameter.

From all the details information of the commode chair, you can imagine the look of the chair. It is the multifunction chair and very helpful for the one who has limited mobility. You can search more pictures of the chair to get more details information about the chair by browsing in the internet website.

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