Feel Welcomed With A Foyer Table

foyer table with baskets

A foyer table is what welcomes people into the house, be it the person who owns the house or their guests. Therefore, it creates the first impression of the interior of your house and it is important to decorate it. If you have a large foyer, it will be a base from which the eye can look around. If your foyer is small, it will add a feeling of coziness to your area. You should decorate your table in order for it to coincide with the overall decor of your house while at the same time living up to the needs and personality of your family.

The size of the foyer at your house determines the size of your foyer table and also other foyer furniture. To open up the floor space at your foyer, you should choose a long and narrow table. This will also create a tableau. A small foyer should have a small and round foyer table tucked into it. Be creative and innovative in maximizing use of the space you have. You can always fit a table under a staircase or hang a ledge and have it double as your table.

The next step is to make a decision of what your focal point will be. If you want the foyer table to be the focal point, you should choose one with an interesting color or wood grain. If you do not have a table yet, you can use a cabinet or also a small chest of drawers. A mirror can be a focal point if it is painted in attractive colors. A lamp can be a focal point if its design is unique.

Decorate your foyer table with mirror and lamps. The mirror you choose should be both functional and attractively framed. The height that it should be hung upon depends on the height of the tallest person in your family. Do not be stuck with the standard idea that mirror has to be hung on the center. You can hang it on to one side of the table or hang the mirror to an adjacent wall.

If you hang it to an adjacent wall, the foyer table can have floral arrangement or other accessories on it. For lighting, you should have one to two lamps that are matching and low-wattage. They should also be decorative and have opaque shades as those kinds of lamp will create a welcoming atmosphere.

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