Creative Table Number Holders For Wedding

wedding table numbers

In every party or formal occasions, like wedding ceremony, there will be a party that invites the guests to enjoy the food. The organizer of the ceremony will provide some tables and chairs so their guests can enjoy eating. On the table, we can usually find some table numbers to make the guests notices well. There are many table number holders but how to choose creative table number? We have summed up the tips for you.

Think Creatively for Table Number Holders

Being creative is very good. You can use your ideas to make something formal and usual table number holders become more eye-catching and attractive. You can take a sneak peak to the history of other ceremonies on how they provide the table number. The first tip is to change the table number into a unique name. For example, you can use cartoons as the exchange of table number names. You can note it in your wedding prep book.

Choose a theme! Theme is the key to everything or every element in the preparation. When you choose one certain theme, you will focus on working with typical items. For example, you choose a season theme, and then you will make everything fit with the theme, including table number holders. You can use the winter, summer, autumn, or spring. Each season has its own characteristics so you need to pick one specific theme.

When you prepare table number holders, you need to really make sure that the holders can stand straight. You will never expect that the holders always fall down because they have wrong size or measurement. For example, the bottom part is not larger than the top part. It will make the holders hard to stand upright. If the party is outdoor, then you need something bit heavy to be in the table number holders.

The last thing to work on table number holders is that you need to make escort cards. Escort cards show your guests where they should take the seat. They should not feel confused to take the seat because the entire seat is full. You can look for the ideas of the escort cards. There are many designs and ideas you can find on the websites so you can give beautiful and nice escort cards. Many people have tried this step. So, that’s all our tips to make table number holders for your wedding party. You need to be careful in doing all the tips.

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