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There are many types of chairs that can be chosen actually. They are classic, antique, or even contemporary. The design of the chair are also various. You can choose the one that suit with the entire design of your room or the room theme that you have. Now, we are going to discuss one of the most famous chairs in the world. The chair is named Morris chair. It sounds like the name of people, doesn’t it? Well, today we are going to talk about the chair in details.Morris chair can be said as reclining chair early type. You may have a question in your mind about the name. Well, it is true that the design of the chair is adaptation. William Morris’s firm adapted the design. The chair was marketed firstly around 1866. Due to the time it was firstly released, we can conclude that the design of the chairs are classic. How does the chair look like?Morris chair has appearance in old style actually. Yea, you can see from the firstly it was released. The chair features one seat which has reclining back. It has also high armrest. The high armrest is the one that can give impression of old style. The chair characteristic feature is hinged back which set between arms of un-upholstered with adjusted reclining angle. Set of metal bar controls the back reclining. In simple word, the chair is defined as the chair made of wood which has reclining back. The seat cushion of the chair is often loose.Morris chair itself can be antique. Antique Morris chair has at least two classes. The first one calls the Mission. This type was introduced by Stickley after 1904. It is available today in many manufactures. This chair usually had hinges and also wooden pegs which can support the back. The hardware is less complicated.The second one is named Traditional version. It has serpentine shapes which are derived from wood. The wood is usually hand carved. Some Traditional chairs have feet of carved paw on its front legs. These kinds of chairs were popular in year of 1890 until 1920. The Traditional chairs usually use low prices in its production. Nowadays the chair can be easily found in any country in the world. If you want to have Morris chair in your home, you can try to search Morris chair for sale which can be found in some retail companies in the internet websites.

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