Butcher Block Table Planning

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The butcher block table is used by some people because they get a unique and compact table that can be suitable for kitchen or dining room. It looks like a kitchen island with some drawers and cabinets. There are only few people have this table because the table is very expensive. Now, follow us because we will give you ways DIY make butcher table. You can use your energy than buying an expensive one and waste your money for a table.

How to Build Butcher Block Table

There are many types of woods that can be made into wooden furniture. Woods are divided into two: hardwood and softwood. Then each type has other breakdowns and they have their own characteristics. If you want to build butcher block table, the one that you should choose is the maple. Maple block table has better strength and durability. The hardness of this wood is very good that you will get a long lasting table with this wood.

If you want to choose softer wood, there is another choice named knotty alder. Though it is softer than the maple, this is hardwood also so you can use it for making butcher block table. Before you go on the project, you need to make a work plan. It will ease you to do the entire job. You need to make the measurement of the table like the thickness and the sticks. Then, you can cut the sticks into pieces. To glue the pieces, you can use the titebond.

The glue can work fast to dry but you still need to wait for the glue to dry after you apply it. When you glue small pieces of the wood for butcher block table, you need to use a foam roller. The aim is to make the result spread very well. Sometimes this is hard to glue the small piece. So you need to use a mallet. It can help you make the small pieces of the wood glued and tight. To prevent bowing after you glue, you can use the clamps on both sides of the table. You can rest.

You can continue the project on the next day. You need to make sure your work whether there is part that you need to give more glue or not. The last thing you can do for your butcher block table is to finish off the project. Next, you can apply butcher block conditioner to emerge the warmth of the wood.

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