Be More Creative With Decorative Window Sill

concrete window sill

For you who are DIY enthusiast, you will never let something empty without an expression as you have ideas, creativities, and abilities to change it to be more colorful by the expression, meaning and the look. For most people, window sill is just an empty spot where it is not used for anything or although it is used, then it will be something that has no an aesthetic or value of art that can enhance the window as well as where the window is installed or for the room interior decoration. So, be more creative and don’t afraid.

Interior window sill is actually the right spot to express yourself and you can go with any DIY ideas you want to add. Just don’t be afraid because although you are not an expert DIY enthusiast or the result is not really incredible by most people say, you have done what you want and it is more satisfying than doing nothing. Here, window sill can be used as the place where you can care your herbs, flowers and other plants you want to plant in the jar or container then place it on the sill.

Indeed, window sill just needs simple DIY ideas. If you just place flowers in the vase on the sill or herb plants in the jar or container on it, it is much better than you let the sill empty. You can also look at more pictures of ideas of window sill garden to get more inspirations. Other people will also consider sill as the place to organize their books or as bookshelf or even as the place to show your art collections, photos and many more. It depends on how your ideas and creativities will play.

That is if the window sill has small size where you can only put something small. If you have sill with larger size you can also make it as the right place to get relaxed. There are many homeowners make the sill with larger size as the size of single bed or twin bed to make it as comfortable reading nook where above the sill or on the wall you will see small bookshelf. Make the sill as reading nook is also creative idea you can try.

There are many other designs and styles of window sill. It depends on your ideas and creativities to make it as what you want. So, before selecting the certain design of the windows, you can consider the window with sill that can give you more options on how to use it or decorate it. There are also other ideas you can find out there. Just make it as beautiful as possible and as comfortable as you want.

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